» Accounting and tax consultancy

  1. Double-entry accounting
  2. Accounting
  3. Tax declaration
    • personal income tax and corporate income tax
    • road tax
    • real estate tax
    • VAT
    • consumer tax
  4. Joint marriage taxation
  5. Deadline processing
  6. Issuing of account recording

» Pay recording

  1. Monthly pay recordings including payroll tax
  2. Issuing of job contracts and agreements, credit lists and contract terminations
  3. Signing in/out of the employees for the bureau of social security (SSZ) and the health insurance
  4. Filling in the SSZ forms and health insurance forms

» Additional services

  1. Replacing clients at tax office controls, the SSZ and the health insurance controls
  2. Submitting the complete documents, declarations and communication to the equivalent office and correspondence with authorities in question

» Consultancy and other services

  1. Help at the foundation, the disposal, the transformation or at the assessment of a corporation
  2. Processing of loan application forms and business plans
  3. Issuing of business contracts
  4. Process auditing services and services processed by a licensed tax advisor
  5. Reconstruction and the control of accounting

Prices depend upon the scale of the arranged cooperation. Dependent on the quantity of the documents it is either possible to set the price in CZK per service or can be set at a flat rate. Don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone or e-mail for a concrete offer.

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